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(guide previously here )

For those who'd like to download a snapshot of the blockchain manually and save themselves some time:

(Note: this may not work cross-platform, the snapshots were created on windows and may not work on Linux or MacOS X)

Downloading a Blockchain snapshot

These Snapshots are provided by me (/u/vmp32k) in irregular intervals.

URL Size SHA1 Signature
2017-11-08_nyancoin-blockchain.tar.xz 984.1MB 3c74ba0115550d65dcf7ed6169cd38fac0ab8a1bce9178a25190cc7063743139 here

Verify snapshot authenticity

Simple: SHA1 hashsum comparison

Generate a SHA1 hash sum of the snapshot you downloaded and compare it to the hash sum in the table above:

sha1sum 2016-10-16_NyanCoin-Blockchain.tar.xz

A hash-sum mismatch may indicate a broken download or that the file has been tampered with.

Advanced: check GPG signature validity

Download my GnuPG public key and import it (this only needs to be done once):

gpg --import

and check the validity of the signature:

# Download the matching signature from the table above (if you haven't already)
# wget
gpg --verify 2016-10-16_NyanCoin-Blockchain.tar.xz.asc

GnuPG might tell you that the signature is untrusted but valid, this is completely fine.

If GnuPG can not validate the signature, the snapshot or signature download may be broken or been tampered with.

Extracting a Blockchain snapshot

The snapshot contains everything you need to get your Wallet synchronized quickly:

  • blk0001.dat
  • blkindex.dat
  • peers.dat

Extract these three files to your wallet directory:

On Windows:

Extract the snapshot using 7-Zip or WinRAR (or any other tar.xz compatible archiver) to: %APPDATA%\NyanCoin

%APPDATA% is a special environment variable on Windows PCs which always points to the current users' "Roaming Application Data" directory. If the NyanCoin directory doesn't exist, you can create it either manually or by running the NyanCoin wallet first. Don't forget to shut down the wallet again before you extract the snapshot.

On Linux:

Extract the snapshot to the .nyancoin sub-directory in your home directory:

tar xvfJ 2016-10-16_NyanCoin-Blockchain.tar.xz -C ~/.nyancoin/.

You may need to create the .nyancoin directory if it doesn't exist already before running tar.

On Mac OS X:

<to be written>

I don't have a Mac so I don't know how where to put stuff. (Donations welcome! ;) ) --Admin (talk) 12:36, 29 September 2016 (UTC)