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Signed builds by /u/vmp32k:

File:Nyancoin-next-b6-x86 64.zip 21b33bc09bf9bc2cccc7686a06ff08a4d5bd576ed01876b2630dc3ab43bdd743
4th of September 2017 🡫
File:Nyancoin-macos-intel64-next-71106ed.zip 7d1a3c93ca6998f02566f8ecce12c6002bf529724ee69bab140c1329a135269c
File:Nyancoin-next-win64-c771222-signed.zip bcec91616dff02da38fdc0702f4a4f4ce52823e9c20308285d72de4ef3f84b7a
20th of September 2017 🡫
File:Nyancoin-next-win64-aaafea1-signed.zip dbb9c7b04bf3f6b79b06d2cc5ae8dd92830e1ea79f49c1cee69c3cff53532bc0

Source on Github

You probably want to run this in "portable mode" using: -datadir=somedirectory

Build aaafea1 highlights

  • Moved mining dialog to Debug window (also known as RPC console window).

Build c771222 highlights

  • Added button to toggle wallet fsync/fflush behavior in hopes of improving blockchain download speeds. This feature may break something and is not recommended for production use.

Build b6 highlights

  • Hodler edition setting (shows a percentage next to your balance)
  • "Hidden" Wallet rpc-console command: getmorepeers (tries to connect to nodes listed on https://nyan.space/peers.php?json)